I wanted to create a site based on what circulates 24/7 in my head.  Being a bicentennial male, you would expect that to be sports, girls and cars.  To some degree, yes, but so much more.  I’m interested in making the perfect decision about everything all the time.  Its understandable not to make an impulse buy on a vehicle, but what about nails to hang pictures.  How long should they be?  How heavy does the frame have to be to be concerned about studs?  What iz Better?  Every decision should take into consideration the appropriate factors along with your personal preferences.  I’m not here to convince you that Coca-Cola is better than that other stuff.  I don’t want this to be a review site not a life hack site.  I envision this site to be a kind of buyers guide.

I also want this to be an idea site.  What can be done to make other things better?  Can traffic lights be smarter?  How beneficial would it be to motorists in terms of time and fuel savings for stop lights to behave more efficiently.  There may also be a reduction in driver road rage, but can that be measured?  I want to focus on the measurables and briefly touch on the other residuals for your consideration.

I’m Chris.  I love sports, but not necessarily for the thrill of seeing something spectacular.  I enjoy the matches and the decision making.  The internet is awesome in that it has everything, but frustrating since you can never find what you are looking for.