Now that I have saved some money on your light bulb expenses, you may want to “invest” that money into the lottery.  They claim that lotteries are a tax who are bad at math.  When a football team is down by 14 with 5 minutes left to go, the fans lose hope.  When a baseball team is down by 5 going into the 9th inning, the masses change the channel.  When the state offers a prize of an absurd amount of money to correctly guess 5 numbers between 1 and 100, the people line up with fist full of cash ready to accept that challenge.  You be the judge about which of above events is least likely to happen.

Most states offer a large jackpot lottery game along with numerous smaller prize games with different way to play.  I am going to look at 4 of the larger multiple state money generators and the different variations associated with them.  Each game offers 2 drawings a week.  I am going to play each variation 100 times a year for 20 years.  I am playing $150 on each drawing and seeing what happens.

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